Wednesday, 27 February 2013

School Council Shock

Infant stages take-over bid and demands weapons

We have a Prime Minister in the making. It was the first school council meeting of the term, and the very first one the youngest children sent representatives for (they're often overwhelmed by the older ones and sit there in a panic-stricken silence). Up for discussion was how to spend a sum of money to benefit all pupils in the school. They had talked about planting flowers to make the school prettier. They had asked about new break-time equipment, and whether we could have class pets. 'Any other ideas?' I asked. One of the youngest infants stood up, hushed everyone with a gesture and dramatically intoned: 'Nerf guns. For everyone,' then sat down again. The secretary looked at me in a panicky 'do-I-minute-this?' sort of way. There was silence from everybody. I think they were shocked that this Little Guy had had the guts to stand up and ask for such a thing. Forget flowers and all that rubbish - the Little Guy wanted to have some fun and wasn't afraid to put it to the school council. (I was all for putting it to the Boss Lady, but only if staff could be similarly armed. Little Guy did agree to that...). Sadly, the idea was shelved by other council members and a vote was called for. 'I'll be the counter!' said Little Guy, leaping up, and carefully counted the eight hands that were up for prettifying the school. 'That's twelve,' he announced. The secretary looked at me sideways. 'Twelve,' I confirmed, in an eight sort of way. 
The sad thing was, we all left the meeting with great visions in our heads of a school Nerf-gun war. We'd have been picking up foam darts from the field for days afterwards. 

So, if you see news stories of a Little Guy in a dinosaur jacket marching on Downing Street, you know you read it here first... I know I'd vote for him. 


  1. Water pistols are definitely the way forward.

    1. Whole-school water fight! I think the school council could easily be bribed...

  2. Does the little guy have almost-as-amusing siblings, perchance ?

  3. He does, plus a Mum with a great sense of humour, too...