Saturday, 2 March 2013

Is my tutor on drugs?

Well I got my marks back for my 'poem'. 75 for the biggest pile of pretentious rubbish ever written. I was told I had included some good internal rhymes, which was very clever of me, as I have no idea what that means. My tutor gave me some examples, and it seems that several words had the sound 'er' repeated within them. I thought that was just how words worked. It wasn't done intentionally, but if it gave me extra marks then I'm all for it. 

After that little lift, the Husband, Son Number Two and I went into town and wandered. As usual, our wandering took us into Waterstones and we forced ourselves to drink coffee and eat cake. 

I found it very hard to sit still and be sociable as my chair was facing a sale table. I drank my bucket of coffee as quickly as possible, hoping the others would do the same, but the Husband leaves his coffee until it's almost cold. The sale table was calling, so I willed him to hurry up, and tried to resist the urge to 'accidentally' knock his cup over. The relief when he put his empty cup down so I could go and buy books was so overwhelming, it was worrying. Is it normal to get the jitters when restrained from book-buying? 

It's not as though I don't have anything to read at home. A colleague lent me a doorstop of a book on the French resistance earlier this week, I've just started the fourth in a series of weird books that belongs to Son Number Two, and I really should be writing an assignment on Peter Rabbit and Voices in the Park. So I shouldn't be buying more books or my essay's never going to get done. But I bought one anyway. It's called The Book of God, with a subheading: The Bible as a Novel, which is either going to be brilliant or irritate me hugely. I find religion fascinating. All religions. I have copies of the Ramayana, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Bhagavad Gita, as well as works on Tao, Zen Buddhism and various other ways of thinking or believing. I was given a lovely Bible that my Great-Grandfather used, and it has lots of tiny little pencil-scribbled notes in the margin. I even have a book by Richard Dawkins, which I bought to balance everything out a bit, but (despite being a Pagan, and believing in gods, not God) it made me so mad that I couldn't read it all. It's still on my shelf and maybe I'll read it when I need to be in a ferocious mood about something (like if the Mother in law decides to visit). 

I do feel the need to do that OU course I once mentioned on religion and controversy, so I emailed student support and they've made sure it'll be accessible to me. So once I've got linguistics out of the way, I'm up for a good argument on all things spiritual. 

Perhaps I should buy a few more books on the subject, just to make sure... 

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