Friday, 22 February 2013

Hoping for a bad result

I'm awaiting the marks for my creative writing assignment - the one with the chopped-up sentences that loosely called itself a 'poem'. Usually I hope for a good mark; often I settle for an average one. My latest children's literature was 68, which I feel is rather bleah, but was 9 up on the one before, which was extremely ugh. For my poetry, I sort of want a bad result. If I get a decent one, it will make a mockery of my other decent ones for that course. I worked very hard on past creative writing assignments, and feel the marks were earned, but poetry was different. I didn't read the chapters in the workbook, to start with. Well, actually, that's a lie - I did flick through and read the subheadings. I already knew that poetry was something I would be bad at. I know people say you don't know until you've tried, but surely you must want to try for that to work?

So now I'm wearing out the refresh button on the keyboard, hoping to see my score of...umm...about 47? Just enough so my tutor can acknowledge my use of the English language and basic punctuation. 

On a more alarming subject (more alarming than my poetry? How can that be possible?), I was looking through my blog stats earlier, and noticed referrals from, erm, (how to phrase this?) somewhat suspect sites (blush). In a flurry of panic that these sites had somehow downloaded things onto my computer (I am not computer savvy), I googled the problem, and found this rather wonderful blog entry that explains everything. I'm glad I found it, as the blog itself is great, and is about to be added to the ever expanding list to the right of this page, under the title of 'Blogroll'. Do help yourself to any of those blogs, by the way. Some are by fellow OU students doing creative writing, others are there because they're funny, insightful or just a joy to read. 

And now I must go and refresh my results page...again...


  1. Hooray for Janey. Glad I could be of assistance. It's been annoying as it clouds your true readership breakdown but as soon as you know they're just auto-bots and can't do anything at all unless you visit the sites, it becomes easier to live with.
    Anyway, if you can't laugh you're doing it wrong

    ps good luck with the course

    1. Thank you so much! I now view the problem as serendipitous (my favourite word) as it led me to your wonderful blog.