Monday, 25 February 2013

Not my idea of beauty

I recently read a newspaper article on how a mother paid huge sums of money on plastic surgery for her then teenage daughters, so they could look more like Jennifer Lopez (apologies for it being from the Daily Mail...). These girls are now not happy with how they look. Maybe I'm getting a bit past it, but why do so many already lovely girls feel the need to become someone else? There are magazines full of identical 'celebrities' who have all gone for the big lips/fake tan/plastic boobs look, and I feel incredibly sad when I overhear year 5 and 6 girls talking about how wonderful they are. A couple of years ago, we did a topic on 'Inspirational People', and some of the girls said they looked up to someone I won't name, but who used to be a 'glamour' model. They wanted to 'look like her and be famous'. I could have cried. Why do 10 year olds see these women as role models? And if that's the modern idea of beauty, then how sad. 

What happened to glamour (in the old-fashioned sense of the word)? 

What happened to (cliché alert!) making the most of what you've got? 
What impression does it give, if your role model is a topless model? I've been told by someone who wishes to remain nameless (for fear of violent reprisals) that he believes the bigger a woman's boobs are, the smaller her brain. (Just to let you know, this person is twice divorced, and deservedly so. He now lives on his own, surviving on microwave meals for one.) Going along with this theory, I'll have you know that I appear incredibly brainy. 

I do admit to using a similar theory when it comes to men's appearances, though. (Not boob-wise, obviously.) Because it's not just women who want to artificially 'improve' themselves. I think that obsessively going to the gym every day really does not improve the look of a man. Well-muscled men always give me the impression they're going to be incredibly boring (I apologise if you're a nicely-toned deeply intelligent guy...).

I'd prefer someone with a sense of humour
 and a spark of intelligence. 

And now, having insulted half of the western world, I'll bid you goodnight...


  1. Amen and then I say amen Janey! If we could just be happy with what we have and who we are and then work on being better people with personalities I think this world would less troubled.

    1. Thank you - I was worried I might get some negative comments from this post, but I'm so glad someone agrees with me! x