Sunday, 2 March 2014

Study plans

Trying to put off doing lesson plans had its uses this morning. Procrastinating my time away, I was wandering through the OU website, looking at any courses that grabbed my interest. Planetary science? Forensic psychology? Micro and nano technology? I wish I wasn't so bad at maths, as it takes most of the science courses out of my league. 

However, I did find a course that is within my capabilities, and I don't know how I missed seeing it before: The science of the mind - investigating mental health. It's worth 30 credits, which is all I will need after the courses I've already got planned. So that means it's only got four assignments, and should be a good way to finish my OU studies. Looking at my study so far, it's funny how courses have swung away from the arts and into social sciences. 

I also spent some time tinkering with a rather handy degree class calculator, which has, from the comments under it, saved many people struggling for hours with the OU classifier written in legal-speak. It seems that, unless I do spectacularly badly, I should end up with a 2:1. If I get another 60 credits-worth of distinctions (unlikely), I'll get a first. Obviously, I'd be over the moon with a first, but a 2:1 is more than I ever thought I'd get, so I'd be perfectly happy with that.  

I've found that a lot of OU students put their course materials up for sale on ebay (I'm expecting delivery of a boxful of psychology books sometime this week). Doing another degree is going to be well out of my price range now prices have gone up, but at least I can keep learning. The OU books are so good, I don't know how anyone can part with them - I shall certainly be keeping mine, perhaps to read the chapters I skipped just because there wasn't an assignment on that bit.... Also, I might be able to get my head around the English course I gave up on, without the pressure of assignments to be handed in. 

Who knows? I might even give that forensics course a go....

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