Sunday, 9 March 2014

On lambs, housework and murder

I feel I've almost had a proper weekend. Lesson plans were done yesterday, so today has been spent catching up on normal things. We had a gorgeous Spring day today. Son Number One is still at the coast with his girlfriend's family. Son Number Two is practising his guitar, and The Daughter is helping to deliver lambs at her boyfriend's family's sheep farm. 

The Daughter with the lambs

As much as I never want to be one of those women who say, 'I had a lovely weekend - I got so much washing done,' it is nice to see the bottom of the washing basket. We now have socks that we've not seen for months. The Husband has been very good about my lack of housework whilst I work longer hours. He's done the weekly food shopping, and always manages to get it cheaper than I would. Mind you, he does spend an awfully long time studying prices. I tend to charge round, hurling things in the trolley, just wanting to get out of the shop. He's cleaned the kitchen floor and been generally wonderful, so I do feel guilty when he tentatively asks if there are any clean trousers anywhere.  

I've actually done some ironing, too (only because I couldn't shut the lid on the ironing basket and the cat was eyeing it up as a new bed). I have also cut my hair, which I wasn't going to do as I wanted it longer, but I got fed up with it taking hours to dry and I kept getting toothpaste in it. People say I'm brave to cut my own hair. I don't think it qualifies as 'brave' if I don't really care what it looks like, but maybe it's a polite way of saying that I shouldn't be doing it. Oh well, hats are very underrated these days....

I have had time for some reading at last. Not just an odd five minutes while the dinner's cooking, but a proper 'sit down and ignore everyone' read. The book I'm on is a history of forensic science. 

I'm up to blood spatter patterns at the moment. (Pretty apt when I think of the state of the shower after I used a new razor this morning...) It's a fascinating book and the case studies are giving me lots of tips for when I need to kill someone. In a piece of writing, I mean. Possibly. 

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