Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A shopping list for the book club

Well, we've made a start on the blog, and Ms Fab and I spent half of this afternoon (when we should have been marking tests and planning lessons) making frantic plans for the after-school book club. Actually, it's 'Not a book club', as we're bringing in bits of drama, playing games and generally messing about with words. 

The Boss Lady has been brilliant. She (perhaps unwisely) asked us to come up with a list of resources we'd need. Obviously, a big squishy sofa is at the top of the list, as nobody can work if they're uncomfortable. A coffee machine will keep Ms Fab and me alert and ready for anything. A constant supply of chocolate biscuits will keep everyone happy. And books. Loads of books. Oh, and some really nice, new coloured pencils. In a tin. One of those tins that holds a hundred pencils that you mustn't get out of colour-order. Because we'll draw things. 

Actually, that's all beyond the budget, so we decided we'd like a bit of wall space for displaying and sharing the things we'll do, and a box of big bits of fabric, because even the year 6s like dressing up and being daft. 

I managed to collar the librarians, and announced the sad death of the library newsletter (which amounted to a whole two editions), but the happy birth of the blog. They are (I hope) going to write some reviews for me. I think there may be a bit of competition there, as they each want to be the first 'named' person on the blog. I hope the fame won't go to their heads. 

Actually, I set the ball rolling with a quick review of Fortunately, the Milk..., because, fortunately, the class I read it to absolutely loved it. In fact, one child stole it to read at home, too. I must get that back...

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