Saturday, 23 March 2013

Writing through fog

Please excuse me if I write rubbish today. The school children didn't think it enough to share the latest sick bug with me, they kindly gave me a cold as well, bless their hearts. The Boss Lady was very understanding, ordering me off work until Monday and, no doubt, adding me to the ever-lengthening list of names under a sad face on the office notice-board, which warns staff of who has the latest lurgy. The icky bit over, I'm now just getting through boxes of tissues and pathetically trailing after everyone in the house, because I'm bored. My head's too foggy to study, although I may have a crack at the creative writing later. 

I have to do life writing, so it'll really just be like an extra long blog entry. I was going to write about the month I spent in hospital a few years ago, after my appendix decided to perforate in a spectacular fashion. I only have 1500 words, so will do snapshots of times I remember with affection, such as when I had a reaction to morphine and thought the curtains around my bed had come to life. Or when I saw an air bubble travelling slowly down the tube of my drip and thought I was going to die, but didn't want to bother the nurses. Did you know that coloured photos taken of your insides when they are full of poison are incredibly beautiful and look like something from space? I got shown lots of pictures by doctors who were amazed that I was interested. I wish I'd asked to keep one (a picture that is, not a doctor. Although...). I could have framed it. 'Is that a supernova?' someone would have asked. 'No, that's just me,' I would have replied, modestly.

Do I need to do my creative writing? I could just copy and paste a couple of blog entries. Although someone did actually ask if they could do that, and were told they'd be plagiarising themselves. You have to be careful with that - you never know when you might accidentally sue yourself for writing the same thing twice. 

I have been good, and registered for my next Open University course. I decided I would go for the English Language one, and ignore all the reviews which said, 'Avoid like the plague,' or, 'I hated this course - the worst ever.' I think it sounds interesting. Let's just hope I feel the same way when the course actually starts. 


  1. Really hoping that you will be better for Monday (for selfish reasons mainly - you are more familiar with conducting 'Big Writing' sessions than MG, I suspect).

  2. Yes, I'll be there, as long as we're not snowed in, although MG may not be - seems the children shared the bug with her, too...

  3. Could be what Miss French Student had as well ...