Saturday, 16 March 2013

Non uniform = non work

I read that this year's Red Nose Day has raised £75 million and counting. Thankfully, our school was one that decided to join in with the fun (Son Number Two's high school thought it was a bit beneath them, sadly.) So I donned a red dress, ditched it as I remembered I was on playground duty and an Arctic wind was blowing, and found a rather creased red t-shirt to go with black jeans. I then had to raid the 'change pot' in the kitchen for money, as I was skint. I never seem to have more than a couple of pounds on me, and when the collection envelopes do the rounds at work I have to ask for loans from my children.

The school children were sky-high all day. Non-uniform affects them like that, for some reason. Obviously royal blue sweatshirts have some sort of soporific quality to them. A minuscule amount of work got done in the morning, but the afternoon was given over to what was loosely titled a 'talent show'.  We had acts from every class, including two teachers who are game for anything. If you ever need a violin-playing unicyclist, you know where to come. Mr Chaos showed us what real talent is with his singing, and then we had half an hour until home-time. I suppose we could have fitted a tiny bit of work in...but we didn't. After stuffing ourselves with cupcakes provided by a thoughtful student, it was time to get ready for the weekend. 

Hope you have a good one.

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