Monday, 20 January 2014


You know that thing about, 'Be careful what you wish for...'? I think it needs to include things you imagine (see yesterday's post). I went into work this morning, and told The Boss Lady that I'd changed my mind (again) and fancied some teaching, if I could only stay at our school. I came out of her office ten minutes later, having been put in charge of a class for six weeks, starting February half term. Gulp. 

But not only is it a good opportunity for me, Ms Fab will get to lead the eldest children's class more often, and Mrs GSOH gets to be 'me' whilst I'm being someone else for a while. Smiles (nervous ones) all around. 

I've also emailed the OU, because I've seen a great Social Studies course that I fancy doing (uh oh... here we go again), but I don't think it comes under the Humanities umbrella, so I may have to change my degree classification. If I do, I've found out I have enough science-based courses to have a BSc instead of a BA. I don't know which I'd choose. When I say 'science', I don't mean things like Chemistry, which was my worst subject after French at school, but I've done a psychology course, one on health (well, death, which I suppose is a sort of absence of health), and Children's Literature, which came under both literature and childhood social studies. 

I'll have to wait and see what the OU say. I wish I could be normal and just make decisions. 

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