Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Ninjas and other playground hazards

One of the joys of working with children is hearing all the daft things they say. On break duty today, a infant joined me in a wander around the playground and told me she had a Ninja. Infant conversations often veer into the surreal, so I gave the standard answer of, 'Oh?' 'I got it this morning,' she continued, which shed no light on the matter at all. When I asked where it was, she pointed to her knee, 'Mrs Secretary put a plaster on it for me.' An injury. A Ninja-rie. Yes, okay, I could see how she got there. 

When I told Ms Fab to beware of Ninjas on the playground, she told me how another infant had come into the staff room after bumping his head at break. He'd asked if he could have an iPad for it. Realising what he meant, a member of staff got him an ice pack. Wish I'd been in there as I'd have got him what he asked for. 

It's not just the infants who get things wrong. One of the year 6 girls was chatting to me about spoonerisms, and was trying to think of an example. 'You know,' she said, 'it's like when someone tries to say par cark and accidentally says car park instead.' 

What's worrying are those moments in class when I'm corrected by giggling children and have to ask, 'Why - what did I say?' Perhaps I get so boring that even I stop listening. 

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