Sunday, 4 May 2014

I'll just do this first...

Apparently, my new RE course has started. When I filled in the on-line self-assessment and it asked when I'd like to start, I stupidly put, 'As soon as possible,' not realising that it would be read immediately and that would be translated as 'tomorrow'. The 'world views', as they call them, that I've been allocated are: Hinduism, Judaism, Humanism, and Philosophy and Ethics. It seems that Ancestor Worship and Cargo Cults are not really mainstream enough to study.... 

I had to give lots of reasons before I was allowed to study Philosophy and Ethics. You're only normally meant to include it if you teach A level students, but I told them how much the year 6s love a good argument debate, and how we sometimes spent lunchtimes disagreeing with each other in a more or less constructive way, so I was allowed to do it. Ms Fab has also decided to do the course, so it will be fun to share procrastination techniques.  

My OU course began yesterday, and I've done very well at avoiding the website so far. I have done some work towards it, in that I read the book as soon as it arrived, and the first week's activity is 'read chapter one and watch this video'. I've also posted on the forum, so I'm not being totally bad. Not yet - it's only week one. 

We have a long weekend, with it being a bank holiday tomorrow, so I could possibly do some proper work then. Although I have started a new book, which turns out to be the first in a trilogy, so maybe not. I saw a trailer for the film Divergent and it looked rather terrible, but I remembered that Son Number Two had the book in his room, so thought I'd give that a try. It's actually a rather good book, and he's got the second and I may sneakily order the third so, sorry, I'm rather busy at the moment. 

Just need to finish a few books first...

I find I'm using the avoidance techniques that Son Number One used when doing 'revision' for his exams. I always have the OU web page open on the computer, so when The Husband walks past I can quickly flick to that rather than Facebook. It's not that I don't want to do the courses, I just don't want to do them at the moment. When there's housework to be done, that's when I'll do coursework.

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