Sunday, 1 December 2013

Happy birthday, Dad

My mother phoned yesterday. 'It's your dad,' she said. 'I had to phone you...' I instantly reached for the car keys and hoped I had enough fuel to get to the hospital. 'His remote-control helicopter crashed into the neighbour's garden - he's had to knock on their door to ask for it back,' and she fell about laughing. 

It's his 69th birthday today and he's probably celebrating it by downloading new games onto his computer. I got him an Amazon voucher for his present, as he has a long list of books he wants to add to his Kindle. He's got hundreds of songs on iTunes and downloads them onto his iPod, which he plugs into the adapter he made sure was included in his new car. If we're having computer problems, he's the first person we phone, and he has to rephrase his computer jargon as, often, I have no idea what he's talking about. 

He's really enjoying his retirement, and the only time my mother worries about him is when he takes his credit card to PC World. 

Actually, both of my parents are making me feel old. My mother's thinking of getting a Facebook account and regularly phones to tell me not to call her next week. 'We'll be in Austria... it was a last minute deal. Just in case you try to phone and think we're dead.' Oh... okay... thanks Mum. 

Happy birthday, Dad. You're great the way you are... just don't break anything, okay?


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