Thursday, 27 June 2013

If I only had a brain...

I was going to write about how I fondly remember a teacher who threw board-rubbers at the class and taught me to spell 'discombobulated', but then I got side-tracked by the fact that I've been an idiot. For weeks, I've been trying to sort out a problem with a blog site, as it refused to update my feed (ooh, get me - you might almost get the impression I know what I'm on about...). They told me that I needed to include images and titles in each post. 'I DO!!!' I stormed, 'and you're rubbish and I'm going to stop using you,' I added, then deleted the last bit, and just sulked instead. So, this afternoon, I started typing about how a conversation during staff training got me thinking about an old teacher of mine, and I suddenly saw a box at the top of the page, labelled 'Title'. 'Ah,' I thought, 'so that's what they meant.' Turns out I was typing headings, not titles. Sigh... I had actually never noticed that little box before. Whilst writing 68 posts, that I've just had to go back and edit, I had never noticed that box. 

It reminded me of my lovely Nan who remarked on an ancient oak tree she'd only just noticed: 'That's nice, is it new?' And she had Alzheimers. Must ask the Daughter to get me some medication sorted.

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