Monday, 1 April 2013

Productive procrastination

Whist trying to ignore the latest Children's Lit assignment, I've actually got things done that needed doing. Usually, assignment avoidance involves made up work: a book that 'has' to be finished, my Sky box only has 20 hours of memory left, so I must watch eight episodes of The Following, plus, while I'm there, a film I've already seen four times but can't bring myself to delete. No, this time I've done real 'needs doing' stuff. 

On Saturday (I think it was Saturday - it's the holidays, so I've lost track of what happened when) we took delivery of a ginormous bookcase. A friend's parents needed shot of it and my Husband managed not to tell me off for saying we'd have it. Ok, so he closed his eyes for a minute and sighed heavily, but he knows he comes a very close second to my books, so he nodded and went to bang his head against a wall somewhere. I have spent a wonderful couple of days organising books. Non fiction is now in the kitchen, on the new shelves. That freed up loads of shelf space in the living room, so books could be stood up straight instead of being piled up. The teetering towers on the floor were put on shelves, and then came the most satisfying bit. Because my books were no longer piled up, I could put them in alphabetical order! I had such a great time being geeky. Nearly 2000 books later, I can sit back and luxuriate in all those stories in all the right places. Ok, so I still have piles of books under the bed and in the loft, but I need a bigger house or less sorry, fewer children before I can deal with those.  

So, the books are sorted. My Creative Writing assignment has been sent (I didn't count that as work, as I enjoyed it), and my next one has sort of been planned. We have to do a piece of writing as if we were going to submit it for publication. I know what I want to write about, I just have to find a magazine that would be likely to publish it. I've found an American one, but need to ok it with my tutor first and she's on holiday, so that's all I can do for now. I've also applied for my next OU course, which starts at the end of September. 

So I may not have written about advances in Children's Literature, but I have been fairly good so far. There are a couple of cupboards that need tidying, but I'm not that desperate for distraction.  I also need to hoover the house, but I think I'd rather do the assignment...

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