Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Making allowances and other really annoying things

You know that the children I tend to like best at school are the mischievous ones - the ones with a glint in the eye and a sense of humour. I don't like the ones who throw tantrums, get in moods and make life hell for everyone. I know that some of these children have 'problems' (and I don't mean Special Needs - that's a totally different issue), but I am really fed up with being asked to 'make allowances' for the vile behaviour and abuse that gets hurled our way. In most cases, these children are how they are because of their parent/s. They're getting a hellish childhood, which has turned them into angry little balls of fury. But I don't understand how 'making allowances' helps. Surely it sends a signal of 'Oh, okay, so you've just told me to f**k off for the third time today, but it's all right - you're having a hard time, poor child. Why don't you go and have a nice, quiet time in the library while all the well-behaved children have to get on with their work?' When I've just seen the books an innocent child got for their birthday hurled across the room, it makes me furious that the hurler gets sympathy because he's 'obviously stressed'. By accepting this behaviour, aren't we just allowing it to continue? The angry children go on to be angry parents who carry the whole cycle on and on, making more people miserable. Perhaps I'm wrong. I'm sure some child psychologist would tell me I've got the wrong attitude, and that I should be flattered to be on the receiving end of so many middle-finger salutes. I sympathised with one boy who said recently, 'My mum says that X is like that because he's not had enough hugs from his mum, but sometimes I just want him to go away.' Me too, sorry. 

I guess this makes me a f***ing b**** 

On the other hand, and just 'mild annoyance' rather than 'going-home-and-ranting-at-the-husband fury' we have the limpets. They are the ones who make a point of rushing across the classroom to give you a bear-hug, staring at you adoringly and sighing your name with added rainbow sparkles. I hurry to add that this is from the infants, (although there was one year 6 boy I had to avoid a few years ago - it's amazing how boring and matronly you can be when you really try). I know I should be pleased that these little children like me, but it makes me cringe. I feel wrong that children who are not mine are sharing that much affection, and I want to scrape them off with a stick when they grab my hands and hang off me. I'm not a holding-hands-with-children-while-on-playground-duty sort of person. I say stupid things like: 'Oh I'm really boring. Who shall we find for you to play with?' In other words, 'Please go away and get your hand out of my pocket.' 

I'm aware this makes me appear to be a child-hater, but I'm not, honestly. I do like all of the children, actually - even the chair-throwers and the leg-huggers. They just irritate sometimes, and today has been hugely irritating. Even Ms Fab got fed up, it was that bad. I just hope tomorrow will be better as I don't have any alcohol in the house. And there's a Brownie trip on Saturday that I'd forgotten about, and it's meant to rain. I think I may have to bribe Son Number One to share that bottle of schnapps he's had in the fridge for yonks.  

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